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There’s no such thing as a single approach to healthy eating for everyone. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. If you accept that, you will see the benefit of a tailored plan that is unique to you.

We believe we have all the bases covered to provide you with the best guidance for a healthier lifestyle.

Our resident pharmacist oversees all our registered nutritionists to make sure the advice given is relevant, accurate and personal to you. Our Remote Nutritionists are also available for online sessions and if you are into sports, perhaps our coaches can be of assistance?

 Whatever your needs, our team can help you get you to the lifestyle you are aiming for.

A personalised nutrition plan requires a two-dimensional approach;

  2. FOOD

We will review your lifestyle and take stock of your work, family, friends, habits, hobbies, and leisure time. With food, we will look into dietary preferences, cooking skills, any allergies and intolerance, with a view to achieving your nutrition goals.

Balancing lifestyle and food behaviour should be your ultimate aim.


Weight Loss

Calories matter but focusing on food quality is equally important in preventing weight gain and promoting weight loss.

High-quality foods, in appropriately sized portions, is the best way to control your weight.

High-quality foods include unrefined, minimally processed foods such as vegetable, fruits and nuts, whole grains, healthy fats and healthy sources of protein.

Individual differences in genes and lifestyle mean that one size cannot fit all.


Weight Maintenance

To keep at a weight you are comfortable with means focusing on a healthy lifestyle, combining healthy foods with plenty of regular exercise.

Your daily goal should be to get in all the nutrients you need from a variety of foods from these five groups:

Vegetables, Fruit, Whole grains, Lean meats/poultry and Dairy

Although not in the 5 above, do not underestimate the benefits of drinking water!

The foods you should limit in your diet are ones that contain saturated fat, added sugars, added salt and alcohol.



Lifestyle Management

Consider what impacts your health and wellbeing?

Alcohol – High in calorie content, Low on nutrition, Contributes to weight and drinking to excess can lead to high blood pressure and liver damage. 

Smoking – Cell damage leading to illness, Impact on existing illnesses, Poor wound healing, Premature ageing and Prevents the intake of vitamin C and other nutrients

Stress – Releases hormones into our bloodstream, Overuse means the effect of the hormones is not as strong, Learning how to reduce and cope with stress should be your priority.

There are positives too!

Exercise – Weight loss, Builds muscles and bones, Lifts mood and Beats stress, 

Sleep – Helps body to renew, Improves immune system and Influences our psychological wellbeing 


 Drink plenty of water every day, Watch your caffeine (and sugar) levels 


Carbohydrate, protein and fats are important sources of energy.

50 per cent of your energy should come from carbohydrates

10 to 15 per cent from protein

Less than 30 per cent from fats


Real Results

Custom plans & coaching for your specific goals

We create Tailored Plans that align with your specific goals whilst keeping in mind your individual food preferences, activity level, and personal diet challenges.

Your structured plan allows for ongoing communication, support, and adjustments as needed. Our nutritionists do all of the planning for you!

We're here to Help!


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