When you ring our IT Helpdesk, we can fix your IT problems from the comfort of your office or home and give you the help you need.

Our IT Helpdesk means your business can refocus on making the business a success rather than worrying about day to day IT issues and technology.
You can leave the operation of your IT support to the experts to ensure they run well without worrying any more about setting up users, breakdowns, viruses or other risks.

Our solutions are very cost effective so that you don’t have to rely on a member of staff whose purpose is not really IT and would be better placed looking after their own speciality.


  • Any number of PCs or laptops
  • Any location
  • 8.30am – 5pm Mon-Fri telephone support
  • Our IT engineers remotely access your system whilst you are on the phone to jointly assist and help

How does it work?

Our IT Helpdesk is very simple to use:

  • Once signed up, we provide a local rate helpline number.
  • You and your staff can ring this number to talk to one of our experienced technicians.
  • We log the call into your account.
  • Caller ID must be enabled and the number(s) set up on your account, so we can see that it is you or your staff (or family/friends) calling and log the call and any details into your account.

If needed, we will utilise Remote Assistance for live support directly on your computer with one of our technicians.

What can we help with?

Email & Outlook

Need help to set up a signature or send and receive is not working properly? No matter who your email provider is or how your computer is setup, we want to assist you.

File downloads and strange file formats

Generally pretty straightforward but sometimes an extra large or awkward file can be a pain to download. Even then, do you have the right software to open or run the file? Talk to us, we want to assist you.

PC backup

Always talked about but never quite got around to setting it up? Our IT engineers can help you setup your backup and take you through the whole process to restore, we want to assist you.

Software installation & updates

It always seems a good idea at the time, to install the latest productivity software or try out a new game. When you need help to overcome any problems and errors encountered trying to get this done, we want to assist you.


Every day, your PCs can be attacked by a deluge of viruses, from minor annoyances to very serious problems. Happily, at just a call away, we can help remove and sort these problems and set-up your anti-virus, we want to assist you.

PC health check

PCs are at their best when properly maintained, however, they can easily get bogged down and become slow and unresponsive. As a minimum, we suggest that having a system cleanup at least once a year, to release its potential again. Having a responsive and stable system is the way to go and we want to assist you.

Home/Wireless networks

Wondering around at home without having a trail wires holding onto your new tablet, laptop or smart phone is pretty liberating, until it goes wrong. From errors trying to connect to initial setup, we want to assist you.


Whether you can no longer print or are having issues installing a new printer, we want to assist you.

PC Security

Controlling a botnet can be big business; you don’t want your PC to be a slave to such a network doing whatever clandestine requests it’s commanded to do. This is just one scenario of why system security is such an important issue, especially when connected to the internet. We are able to help keep you safe on the web, we want to assist you.

Microsoft Office

Being the world’s most popular office productivity software, having MS Office is a big necessity for many people. We’ve used and fixed it so many times we can solve nearly any problem presented to us! For those not needing every last function of the latest and greatest MS software, there really are very good free alternatives. Either way, we want to assist you

Removing Spyware

Browsing the web can attract all sorts of nasties, lurking around and spying on what you do. Need help removing this problem, if needed.

Windows Errors

Why put up with random errors and crashing when most issues can be easily fixed? Lets, try to remove the frustration that it can cause, we want to assist you.

What’s not included?

  • Non remote assistance; either on-site or at-home engineer call-out. (see our local licensed network of IT professionals at where they have separate contracts with unique terms and conditions.)
  • Support when compatibility of the system to the software is in question or configuration is invalid.
  • Remote or on-site training services.
  • Scripting, programming, database design or web development.
  • Product keys for activation.
  • Recovery of lost data or software.
  • Support arising from accidental or intentional damage.
  • Research on your behalf (e.g. please find me some free compatible software that does this for my computer). You must always provide the software or working link to the software that you require.
  • Providing software upgrades or new software releases, you provide and we can help install or upgrade.
  • Support or installation of software where you do not have a license to do these.
  • Any activities not expressly described in this Service Description.
  • Additional exclusions may be applicable as determined by 1 2 Support U from time to time and will be posted as amendments to this page.
  • Upgrades are at your risk.

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