OTS-Takeaway includes a dedicated phone number and facility for us to take and forward calls.

This can work alongside any phone system you already have.

Whenever you are ready, you can also take advantage of our fantastic phone system that has all the flexibility you would expect from VoIP. Below, gives a basic overview of some of the features of our VoIP system.


You can also have one or more VoIP extensions to go alongside your dedicated phone number, so you can dial out using the same number or take calls from anywhere using either a mobile app, app on your computer or we can even supply a configured VoIP phone that plugs straight into any standard network port with access to the internet – any home or business with broadband has this facility.

VoIP Phone System

OTS-Takeaway delivers its hosted business telephony solution using Contrex, its Cloud-based telephony platform. The solution is fully functional and flexible enough to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses, from a one-person organisation, through to larger corporates. The service is fully managed and supported by OTS-Takeaway.

Excellent Voice Quality

With Hosted Business Telephony from OTS-Takeaway, the call quality and performance is the same as it is across a standard ISDN phone network, with the added benefits of additional features and control, provided by our Next Generation Network and Cloud based management portal. To ensure a high level of voice quality, OTS-Takeaway recommends all customers utilise a VoIP Optimised Broadband circuit to connect to Contrex.

Value for Money

Minimal capital outlay – no hardware or software required
A single monthly fee per user, based on the functionality that is required
Competitive call costs

Feature Rich

Additional Numbering

  • Choose any UK landline phone number
  • Marketing numbers (03**/08**)
  • International numbers available for many locations
  • Keep your existing phone number(s)

Unified Messaging

  • Fax-to-email
  • Voicemail to email
  • Enhanced voicemail
  • Conference rooms
  • CRM integration

Inbound Call Routing

  • Time-of-day routing
  • Auto-attendants
  • Call queues
  • Hunt groups
  • Hunting groups
  • Flexible divert options

Value Added Features

  • Management portal
  • Secure (FSA compliant) call recording
  • Supervisor wall boards
  • Hot desk capabilities
  • Contact directories

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